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We are recruiting, but very very selectively. We want people like us, fun, laid back, and extremely perverted. Thick skinned, who won't be offended by jokes made at their expense, but who can also make jokes at the expense of others, but who can also know where the line is of respect and decency, and... Oh, screw it. If we want you, we'll tell you. But you can always feel free to ask!

~ G.O.D.
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Welcome to the Claddagh Guild Site! Please enjoy your stay, but for the love of kobolds, take your used condoms and Mountain Dew bottles and cans with you when you leave!!!
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18Mar2013 - Update 17, Patch 1 Released!

athornhill, Mar 18, 13 11:15 AM.
Update 17, Patch 1 is now live! Click here the release notes!

20Feb2013 - Update 17 Released!

athornhill, Feb 20, 13 9:12 PM.
Update 17 is now live!

For release notes, click here!

15Feb2013 - Update 17 Is Less Than A Week Away!

Azlo Bloodblade, Feb 15, 13 6:52 PM.
Update 17 to be released next week. Special news from Tolero for our patients for this downtime. For those that are worried about guild renown or gold seal stuff, you have to remember the servers were taken off line so time should stand still in game.

03Feb2013 - New Members, Update 17!

athornhill, Feb 3, 13 10:41 AM.

Welcome to our newest members, Bairunon and Skullpriest! We're looking forward to gaming with you both, having fun, and of course, making fools of ourselves in front of you! ^_^

On another note, Update 17 is live on the Lamannia test server, so it should be under a month away for the Update to go live on our servers. Epic Gianthold, Epic Quests, and a new Epic Raid version of the Reaver's Fate await us. Oh, and the first Epic version of a wilderness zone, including -GASP- a new dragon!!!  Stock up on your pots, we're going in!  If you're curious, here's the Update 17 release notes from the test server:

Update 17: Lamannia Release Notes

And some further information on Update 17:

DDO Cast - 20Jan2013 - Youtube

Have fun all, be safe, and we'll see you in the game!

12Dec2012 - Update 16!

athornhill, Dec 12, 12 1:20 PM.
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